Here you can find some of the projects we are actively placing for Out-Licensing.
Due to confidentiality we can’t give full details of each project, so please email us at to get more detailed information on each project of interest.


Products currently available for out-licensing:
  • Spray-cream dermatology products for babies and adults
  • Mucoadhesive suspension for mild to moderate ulcerative colitis (CE)
  • Innovative peri-articular treatment for Grades I and II ankle sprains, Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylalgia) and rotator cuff tendinopathy (CE)
  • Dual molecular weight and concentration viscosupplement for knee osteoarthritis (CE)
  • Mucoadhesive gel for anorectal disorders (CE)
  • Medical device for IBS management (CE)*
  • Hydrogel patches (CE) and Oral disintegration films (ODFs) supplements, several indications*
  • High-potency innovative ORS for diarrhea and dehydration management. Pleasant flavor
  • Ear water removal medical device (CE)
  • Dietary supplement for immediate relief of nocturnal leg cramps
  • Natural food supplement product for prevention and treatment of respiratory allergies*
  • Patch for relieving menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) (CE)*
  • Transdermal patch with natural ingredients for joint and muscle pain (CE)*
  • Biphasic dietary supplement for circadian rhythm sleep disorders*
  • Diabetic foot spray to preserve skin integrity (CE)*
  • Mucoadhesive spray with plant extract for infection/inflammation of upper airways (CE)*
  • Skin cracks gel for hand and feet fissures, building a protective and transparent film, reducing pain, supporting cicatrisation (CE)*
  • Tablets to reduce gastroesophageal reflux, sooth hyperacidity, and protect gastric mucosa  (CE)*
  • Nose bleeding - nasal gel - stops nosebleeds in moments (CE)*
  • Dietary supplement that relieves menopausal symptoms and provides bone health*
*Available only for Portugal