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Business development consultancy, scouting and assessment of new technology-based products and platforms, product licensing in and out, research collaborations, facilitator of co-promotions: these are areas where InTransTec can provide support to help you getting a good deal.


Our focus is on innovation, through licensing and technology transfer activities, and we provide a range of “on demand” services, in accordance with specific targets defined by our clients. 
This activity gives place to a continuous collaboration with the client, in order to find fitting opportunities.


InTransTec builds with each client a strategic approach to its needs, providing them an efficient and discrete way to manage multiple contacts, decreasing costs and favouring innovation. 


Our services include:
  • Active search of licensing partners
  • Products/technology licensing support
  • Advise on contractual negotiations relating to the transfer of IP rights
  • Identification of suppliers, manufacturers and service providers
  • Research of technologies and their state-of-the-art
  • Knowledge dissemination and IP management
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